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How to boost floral purchases

According to recent statistics, most of the purchases in the floral industry were the result of pure impulse. This can be easily explained by the fact that flowers can be purchased from supermarkets and local outlets which are much more convenient. This in turn represents a factor of concern for florist businesses that are in danger of losing all their clientele. Many flower retailers seem to have unreal expectations and they sometimes forget that beautiful flowers are not enough anymore in order to make profit. In order to get the buyer’s attention it is necessary to make an effort and elegantly wrap the flower bouquet with ribbon in order to add the finishing touch. Nevertheless, here are the main tips to boosting floral purchases.

How to boost floral purchases

Warm atmosphere

It is important to be able to provide enough space for the customer to move freely and maybe do some window shopping. Most customers dislike crowded spaces and the lack of space will determine them to move on to the next retailer. On the other hand, you can optimize the space and rearrange a few things so as to create a welcoming atmosphere. There are different typologies of customers and consequently there are those who prefer to take their time before actually deciding to buy something. In addition to this, a crowded space will give the impression of confinement.

Various themes 

There are several occasions like Mother’s Day and Valentines’ that allow you to let your imagination go wild. The attention span of the customer is generally short and you are required resort to new tricks in order to renew their interest. This is achieved through the means of displays and colours that will put the customer in the right mood.    

Floral arrangement

The truth is that first impressions count and this is why the display plays such an important role. Many skilled florists know that a colourful display will immediately grasp the attention of the customer and turn him into a buyer. This effect is obtained with the help of mass displays formed of unarranged flowers. They should consist of all kinds of flowers and colours that in turn will seem more accessible to the buyer. This way, the customer can choose whatever he likes. Apart from this, bouquets are not to be neglected. You can wrap the bouquets with ribbons so as to stimulate men to offer them as gifts for their loved ones. This is also a good way to emphasize certain products.