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Soccer Betting – Tips for Beginners

In a previous article we mentioned that betting needs to be approached with an investment attitude. You must never focus on a single game or sport. However, it is important to know how each type of sport should be approached. Today we are going to discuss about soccer betting, which is probably the most popular type of betting, and we will explain the head-to-head analysis.

Soccer Betting - Tips for Beginners Soccer Betting - Tips for Beginners Picture
  • Pros of head-to-head games

The good news when betting on a head-to-head game is that you can factor in an advantage of one of the teams. The advantage can be either psychological, strategic or physical. For example, if the odds declare one team as a favorite winner yet you see a clear advantage of the opposing team, you might be able to make a lot of money. Most clubs, even the prestigious ones, tend to have at least one bogey team. This theory can be tested in a very common situation. If a club obtains more points from a fixture over time, in spite of the pre game odds than we are clearly dealing with a bogey team. In such a situation the betting indicators can be quite confusing.

  • Cons of head-to-head games

The biggest problem with head-to-head games is the last minute information which can completely throw off of balance the odds. The last minute information can convince you to walk away from a bet just when you were about to place it. If you care about your money, you must take this information into account and wait for a safer bet. When a new information appears, a professional better will walk away from the bet or at least he will try to trade parts of the stake on a betting exchange. Having the ability to walk away from a bet is one of the main factors that separates amateur better from professional betters. When you are learning about soccer betting, you must also learn how to fight some parts of the human nature. The life of a professional better is not risky and unorganized. On the contrary, it is characterized by discipline and self control.

  • How to deal with soccer betting information

One of the most essential sports information in the betting world is change of key personnel. Teams change their coaches and their players every year and this type of last minute information should be treated with a lot of caution. It is possible for the change of personnel not to affect a team’s playing abilities but it could also have a deep impact on the team’s potential. One could say that neither a coach or a key player make a big difference in a team sport. However, this is a relative point of view and it often depends on how big the club is. For example if a powerful club loses one of the many golden players, it will not be the end of the world. However, if a small club loses its star player or its top players in a short time frame, this will have an impact on the club’s future performance. This type of information needs to be heavily weighted before placing a bet. Other relevant last minute information is the weather which can dramatically change the pre game odds. Last but not least, when you are betting on head-to-head games, you must also consider the history of the two teams and their motive.

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