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The Anchoring Bias

The anchoring bias refers to the situations when we anchor our reason in the first relevant information that we come about. Our next step in that situation is to judge all future information based on the initial data. In order to avoid the effects of this bias you need to make your own estimate of a game before reading any news or bookie prices.


Betting Psychology Basics – The Narrow Framing Effect

The narrow framing effect is a cognitive bias which affects our judgement on account of a first impression. In simple words, it refers to our tendency to see things how they seem instead of how they really are. In the betting world, a wrong first impression can cost you a lot of money.


Betting Bias: The Empathy Gap

The empathy gap is a cognitive bias which refers to the situations in which our emotions affect our decision making kills. In the betting word the most common example of the empathy bias is when a gambler is angry about losing several bets in a raw so he starts betting foolishly.