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Sports Betting Stats

Knowing how to read and use sports betting stats is a very important skill for a professional better. In this article we cover the main categories of sports statistics ( descriptive and inferential) and we teach you how to use them in order to be able to predict the odds of a sports event.


Frequency Distribution in Sports Betting Stats

Frequency distribution is an important organizing tool in sports betting stats. It allows you to simplify the process of gathering information and it also helps you highlight statistical trends and outcomes. It can be used with any type of data gatherings therefore it can be used in all types of bets.


Sample and Population in Sports Betting Stats

Sports betting stats are an important part of the betting research and analyses. In this article, we cover the differences between a population and a sample. In the betting world, a population refers to all the objects of a group of objects whilst the sample is only a subset of the population.