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1×2 Betting System

There are many betting systems which apply to several sports and games. In order to choose the one that best fits your betting profile, you need to research all the betting theories and systems. The 1×2 betting system, also known as the three way betting system, is rather simple. You use it when you want to bet on a home win, a draw or an away win. On the betting tickets, a home win is marked by the number 1, a draw is marked by X and an away win is marked by the number 2.

1x2 Betting System 1x2 Betting System Picture

Understanding the 1×2 betting

The three way betting theory aims to reflect the real odds of all the possible outcomes of a game minus the bookies hold. For example, lets assume that you want to make a soccer bet on your favorite team which is playing at home. The home win of your team is marked at 2.55 while the draw is marked at 3.30. The away win of the opposing team is marked at 2.85. If you choose to bet on your favorite team you will be making a 1 bet whereas if you want to bet on the opposing team you will be making a 2 bet. You can also make an X bet if you think that the game will end in a draw.

When is the 1×2 betting system being used

The 1×2 system is used in all sports and games which must end in 1 of three possible scenarios. There are also some European handicap games where one team is given an advantage of one goal. In such a situation, it is possible to use the three way betting system if the bookies offer the possibility of a draw on this game.

Why is the 1X2 betting system being used by bookmakers?

The three ways betting system has been used for a long time now. Some sports betters argue that this system is quite primitive and it lack versatility. However, this system is rather simple and it appeals to a lot of beginner gamblers. It is very easy to understand and use. Furthermore, this system is also quite productive for bookies as they make more profit and they can have an easier time keeping the odds under control.

1×2 Betting tips

As a beginner better, it is very important to only work with trusted bookies. There are a lot of betting websites which appear and disappear over night and they are not very trustworthy. Betsson and Coral are among the most trusted bookies and we advise you to make an account with them. They offer great odds and they have a very good selection of bets. We also advise you to use a sports data processing software or at least a sports tips website in order to do your research before placing a bet.

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