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How to Bet on Basketball – Tips for Beginners

By now, you probably know that all sports require a different approach on the betting markets. So far, we have talked about the most popular betting sport which is soccer. We will now move on to basketball. This article is addressed to beginners who want to learn how to bet on basketball.

How to Bet on Basketball - Tips for Beginners How to Bet on Basketball - Tips for Beginners Picture
  • Team analyses

After picking a team which  you wish to back up with a bet, you must do some research on the opposing team as well as on the history of the two teams. If they have played against one another before, it will be easier for you to deduce which team is more likely to win. However, this is not a decisive point of view. Even if your team won the previous matches against the opposing team, this does not mean that it will also win the upcoming game. You need to determine whether the opposing team is an average opponent or whether or not your team is struggling when competing against it.

  • Player matchups

When analyzing player matchups, you need to determine the pros and cons of each team. For example, if your team relies on their center player to score the most points, you need to analyze whether they can handle the defense players of the opposing team. If the opposing team has a very powerful defense, you need to consider whether your team has valuable players in other positions which could level the odds in their favor, even if the center is neutralized by the defense of the opposing team.

  • Injuries

When learning how to bet on basketball, you must learn how to weight all the elements of a team. Injuries are an important aspect which need to be considered before placing a bet. The maximum number of players for NBA teams is 15 and only 12 of them can be active at the same time. If starter players are injured, then the team has to rely on reserves which don’t always rise to the level of performance of the starters. When dealing with injured team players, it is safer to walk away from a bet then to place it, hoping for the best.

  • Schedule

One of the main differences between football and basketball bets is the games schedules. Unlike football teams who usually have a break of a few days between games, basketball teams can play a lot of games in consecutive days. Before placing a bet, check how many consecutive games has your team played. Even if the consecutive games were won, betting on a tired team is never a wise option.

  • Small edges

If you have placed sports bets before, you will have an easier time learning how to bet on basketball than a person who has never before bet on sports. We assume that by now, you have understood that in order to constantly make a profit from bets, you need to rely on small edges. If you are not familiar with this concept, do some research on narrow framing.

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