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How to bet on horses – A beginner’s guide

Horse races are timeless, many being fascinated by them just like their grandparents were. However, it is no wonder this happens, since this is considered an aristocratic activity. Also, this is highly entertaining and engaging, especially is you also bet on horses. A sports with tradition, you might want to visit some racehorse forums before betting, since you can find there many useful tips and strategies. However, before anything else, you might want to become accommodated with a few notions, as described below.

How to bet on horses A beginner s guide Melbourne Cup winner, Shocking in orange.

1. Straight wagers – the easiest alternative

This is the simplest and cheapest alternative. All you have to do is pick a horse you think will come on either one of the first three places. There are a few bets you can make, as it follows:

  • Bet on win: you bet that the horse you pick will come in the first place.
  • Bet on place: if you do this, you bet your horse will come on either one of the first two places
  • Bet on show: this means you think your horse will come on the first, second, or third place. This is the most secure way to make sure you increase your chances to win as a beginner, since your options are numerous.
  • You bet across the board: this means you bet on your horse to win on all of the previously mentioned alternatives: win, place and show.
  • You bet on win/place or place/show: quite descriptive by the name, this means your horse will either win and place or place or show.

2. Exotic wagers – for experienced betters

This means you can bet on multiple horses at one, on a single bet. This lets you increase your potential profit. This is a harder style of betting, being recommended only for those with some experience in racehorses. Also, this can become a bit too expensive, and you also have a fair chance of losing all your money. However, this lets you experiment and see what style of betting fits you better. Since this is an advanced technique, we will not give you details on it.

These are the easiest and most secure betting style used in horse races. After you become familiar with them, feel free to experiment and step up your betting game. See how that works for you and make sure you also visit some profile forums for more witty tips and tricks.