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How to Bet on Sports Tips- The Deception of the Winner Bet

If you are a recreational better and you lost more than a couple of bucks on sports bets, you may have fooled yourself into thinking that this endeavor mainly depends on luck. However, the reality is a little different. If you do some research and you familiarize yourself with the betting system and the psychological traps, you can train yourself and you can end up making a lot of money from sports bets. We hope that the following tips will help you understand how to bet on sports.

How to Bet on Sports Tips- The Deception of the Winner Bet How to Bet on Sports Tips- The Deception of the Winner Bet Picture
  • The winner bet

All humans have a certain tendency to believe in their lucky star. This belief can be less relevant for some while others live their lives by listening only to their instinct. How many times did you place a bet on a team, without making any analysts and basing your decision solely on guts. The winner bet is a frequent syndrome amongst recreational betters who think that they have a naturally born talent for guessing sports outcomes. This syndrome is often alimented by the passion for a certain team. For example, Barcelona fans would not even dream about placing a bet against their team because everybody knows that Barcelona is the best team in the world. However, if you want to make a profit from sports bets, you must let go of your attachments and you must learn to follow reason and not instincts.

  • Winning strikes

In order to learn how to bet on sports, you must defeat the winner bet syndrome. This syndrome is often accentuated by the winning strike of a certain team. For example, if a team wins 8 out of 10 match ups, that does not mean that it will continue to win. The winning chances of a team depend a lot more on the opposing team than on past performances. Furthermore, if you bet on the 8 winning matches, you need to evaluate whether you made any real money. If the odds given for the 8 matches were very small and you made little to no money at all, then you are probably wasting your time.

  • Winner bet example

Lets assume that Barcelona wins 8 out of 10 match ups. If the price you took for those bets was around 1,15, then those weren’t actually value bets. If you bet 100 units per match up for 100 match ups then you would book 115 units every time Barcelona won but you would lose 100 units, every time they lost. So if Barcelona lost the last of the 10 games, you would end up losing money, even if you won the first 8 consecutive bets. If you want to leave the league of the recreational betters and advance to the pro league, you must learn how to think objectively and you must also learn the importance of pregame analysts. Your instinct is not the best adviser when it comes to learning how to bet on sports.

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