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Important Aspects of Soccer Betting

Soccer betting is the most popular type of betting. The majority of people who make soccer bets are beginners and they often make poor decision based on subjective reasons. In order to make money from your passion, you need to be a lot more objective and you also need to learn a few things about the betting system.

Important Aspects of Soccer Betting Important Aspects of Soccer Betting Picture
  • Form basics

If you have used online soccer betting tips services or you read sports newspapers, you are probably familiar with the importance of a team’s form in the game. This is an important aspect to consider when you want to predict the results of a game. A lot of betting tipsters use irrelevant samples such as a team line of 6-0-0 in the last six games. While this statistic should be considered, it should not be a decisive factor when making a bet. If you come across betting tips services which offer tips based on poor statistics, you should avoid them as they are very unreliable.

  • Interpreting form statistics

A form statistic of 6-0-0 is a good information to have when placing a bet. It means that the team is in good shape and has performed well in the last games. Recent statistics are a lot more trustworthy than the statistics based on the team’s history. However, as a professional better, you need to learn to look behind the numbers when you are doing your research. This means that you have to do some tests in order to see if you have a value bet. Aside from researching how recent the statistic is, you must also check what competitions that statistic is covering. The higher the league, the more important the form statistic is. If it is covering only or mostly low competitions, than that statistic has no value in a bet placed on a Seria A game. Furthermore, the games presented in the statistic must be relevant to your bet. For example, if the statistic considers only the games played at home, it has no value in helping you predicting an away game. The best statistics are the ones which feature an equal number of home and away games. Furthermore, you should also do a little research on extraordinary events or disputable occurrences that took place during those games.

  • How to do your research

As we mentioned above, soccer betting is usually performed by people who have a passion for this sport. Although, they can be influenced by a lot of psychological bias, they do have a certain advantage. The fact that these people actually follow the development of this sport, means that they can gather a lot of useful information. Try to keep a sports journal where you write all the relevant aspects of each game you watch. This will allow you to do your own form statistic, based on real and relevant information. However, if you don’t have the time to watch all the soccer games, you need to find trustworthy sports information providers. The internet is a great source of sports information but filtering that data does require time and effort. As a beginner, you need to find a trustworthy soccer tipster.

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