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Should it be illegal to bet on sports?

Most people dream of how great their life would be like if they won the lottery. Still, they never play. Sports enthusiast always complain that they lost a lot of money on account of just one game, yet, they never change their strategies. Smart people on the other hand know that betting on your luck is like throwing money away. Well, believe it or not, there actually are a lot of ways that you can make money if you like to bet on games. You just have to learn how to fight against your human nature. In sports betting, our instincts are our worse enemies. Understanding the betting psychology is the first step towards becoming a professional gambler. However, some people have such a small understanding of the betting psychology that they end up being a danger to themselves. A lot of people who lost themselves while making a bet on sports believe that gambling is dangerous and it should be illegal. Lets take a look at the betting psychology and see how dangerous sports bets actually are.

Should it be illegal to bet on sports? Should it be illegal to bet on sports? Picture
  • Sports bets and the human nature

Bookmaking is one of the oldest professions in the world. It is human nature to bet on our instincts. Booking agencies make a profit by exploiting their customer’s weakness of betting on the teams or the players that they hold dear. However, such emotions and attachments have no place in the life of a professional gambler. Watching sports games is a every exhilarating experience which can become even more entertaining if you have a couple of bets on the side. What can be better than having your team completely defy the odds of a game and win in the last minutes.

  • Does the human nature factor make sports betting dangerous?

There are certain people who get such a rush from making a bet on sports that they lose all reason. Some people get so intoxicated with the betting adrenaline that they end up betting everything they own. However, these are isolated cases and we can all agree on the fact that thee people were not very rationale to start with. Most gamblers have a pretty steady mind and they manage to keep their cool while gambling. We think it is safe to assume that gambling is not a dangerous endeavor. There are many other things that can cause the same amount of trouble if they are not handled properly. Alcohol for example, is far more dangerous yet it is quite legal as long as you are not operating a powerful vehicle or machinery.

  • Should sports bets continue to be legal?

All gamblers have an empathy for the people who can’t handle the rush of sports bets. The pain of fighting against your luck and of risking anything you own is quite devastating. Still, should the majority of people suffer due to the fact that certain people are unsuitable for gambling? Over 99,5% of all gamblers are mentally capable of gambling. Given these numbers, we can all agree of the fact that it would be unfair to deny the majority of gamblers the right and the pleasure to bet on sports. Should fast food or sugary beverages be illegal because certain people have obesity problems? Should all bars be closed because certain intoxicated people damage public property? The bottom line is that people like to take chances. Risks are one of the things that make our lives more exciting. As long as these risks are minimum and they don’t affect our lives, they are perfectly legal.

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