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The Permutation Betting Systems

There are many variations to the permutation betting system but today we will focus on a brief description of the most popular such systems. These systems are usually integrated in the betting platforms of many bookies. In order to use any of these systems, we advise you to familiarize yourself with permutation math as well as with parlay bets.

The Permutation Betting Systems The Permutation Betting Systems Picture
  • The Patent Betting system

In order to use this betting system you need to create an algorithm of seven bets with three outcomes. For example, in soccer you can use this system if you plan on betting on three different teams. You place 3 single bets, one for each individual team, three double bets (the double is a box bet between three single bets into combos of two games) and a triple parlay bet.

  • The Trixie betting system

Trixie bet system
In order to use the Trixie betting system, you need to place 4 wagers with three outcomes: three double combos and a parlay of all three selections.

  • The Lucky betting system

The simplest lucky betting system is Lucky 15. In order to use this system you need to be familiarized with simpler systems. The Lucky 15 involves a total of 15 wagers. You make 4 single bets, 6 two-game combos and 4 three-game combos and one parlay wager of all 4 games. This betting system is very popular amongst horse race betters but it can also work in numerous sports bets. The next lucky betting system is the Lucky 31 which involves 31 bets with five possible outcomes. The 31 bets include: 5 singles (one bet for each of the 5 games), ten two-game group combo parlays, five four-game parlays, ten three-game parlays and one parlay bet of all the five games. The most complex lucky permutation betting system is the Lucky 63 which covers six chosen outcomes. The system contains 6 single bets, 15 two-game combos, 20 three game combos, 15 four gamers, 6 five gamers and a parlay bet of all six games.

  • The Yankee betting system

The Yankee bet involves four games and 11 wagers. The 11 wagers include 6 two-game combos, 4 three-game combos and one wager containing all 4 games. If you like this system, you might also be interested in the Super Yankee system which contains 26 wagers with 5 chosen outcomes. By using the permutation system you will determine that you need to make 10 two-game wagers, 10 three-game wagers, 5 four-game wagers and one parlay bet with all five games.

  • The Heinz betting system

This permutation betting system is not very hard to use but it does involve a total of 57 wagers and 6 chosen outcomes. You must place 15 two-game combos, 20 three-game wagers, 15 four-game wagers, 6 five game wagers and a parlay wager of all 6 games.

  • The Goliath Betting system

This is probably the most complex betting system as it involves 247 wagers and 8 chosen outcomes. The system includes 28 two-game combos, 56 three-game wagers, 70 four-game wagers, 28 six game wagers, 8 seven-game wagers and one wager with all eight outcomes.

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